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"Important information to understand the phenomenon, eliminating the fear of the unexplained."


Dictations and messages to awaken the Children of the Light to the present earth changes and how to adapt to the rising frequency of the planet. Are the end times here? The Incas, the Anasazi, Mayan Prophesy, the Bible, including Sacred Texts of  Ancient Civilizations have given prophesy to the earth changes that are currently upon us.

Are the end times really here? Who are the Children of the Light?  What about Ancient America and it's new destiny into the "Golden Age?" Who are the Angels in Form? Are the Ascended Masters the Ancient Ones? These are all serious questions being asked.

Approximately 60 million enlightened souls known as the "Children of the Light" have embodied on the planet through the normal birth process. They are also currently known as the Indigo Children, the Blue Children, the Green Ray Children, the Violet Children, and countless other names given to these special persons. Only 5 to 10 million may awaken to their true purpose, which is to be of service to humanity, while the remaining group becoming stuck in this three-dimensional environment during the end times of the "Grand Cycle" which is causing the current Earth Changes. These individuals known as the  "Children of the Light" must awaken!

Angels, Ascended Masters, the Ancient Ones, as guardians of the planet are here to guide and eliminate the impending fear. This website contains a series of "Messages & Dictations" for those seekers of the Light and for all the Light Workers in preparation for these Earth Changes in answer to the question, "Are these the end times?"

There is a connection with the giant pyramid of Gizah, the Mayan Pyramids, and other ancient sites located in the Americas in relationship to the status of "Mankind's Evolution," and those stuck in the "Four Lower Quadrant" of Anger, Hate, Guilt & Fear. These correspond to the elements of this three dimensional world. What can this connection be?

These messages and the book "A Step Into The Light" are not a part of the "Doom & Gloom" scenario that is overtaking the Masses (World Population) who are in fear of these rumors of the "end times." The book, as an enlightening foundation and a precious tool, along with the current messages and other books posted on this website will help to eliminate "The Fear" that is presently paralyzing mankind. It is an explanation as to what is occurring and how to adapt to the raising frequency of the planet that started accelerating in 1987.  In 1998 it became manifest  (as also prophesized by the Mayans) with an increase in Earth Changes and Earthquakes, which is now occurring, along with the World's Weather Patterns. Humanity is also reacting with violence around the planet brought on by tension resulting from this increase in frequency. We are here for the Adventure!

The author, as the chosen messenger, with personal spiritual contact and inspirations, has released these messages for those who have found this Web Site by accident, recommendation, Divine Intervention, word of mouth, or search engines. All visitors are welcome, as there isn't anything to belong to, no political, religious, or sectarian affiliations.

If one reads the FAQ's of The Messengers Of The Light on the left panel, you will find that there is a timeline for certain events and materials to be released coinciding with current Earth Changes and what many fear are the "end times."  Are you one of these "enlightened ones" the Messengers speak about?

The Messengers of the Light are here to awaken the "Children of the Light" to their pre-ordained purpose in life, and to help eliminate the "fear & darkness" that is consuming humanity.

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Dear Visitors,

I have not received any Dictations from the Messengers of the Light since June 27, 2008 for the general public. This also occurred from July 8, 2000, and resumed on May 21, 2003. From my understanding, humanity is going through a time of "tests & trials." Not as a punishment, but rather as a learning experience. The planet, on the other hand, is going through a cleansing period. Meantime, the teachers remain silent while we go through our tests. Appropriately, the last Dictation given was on "Forgiveness."

 Since February 2009 many individuals have become sick or crossed over. I have posted a Dictation given on May 18, 2005 "Change The Mental & Emotional, Heal the Physical, which may shed some light and create healing. Also, please read my current Messages for the Children of the Light, Earthquake Predictions and Earth Changes Forecast postings with personal comments below. Please scroll down for current 2017 postings. PLM

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Peter L. Martinez

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“The Children of the Light”

Posting January 12, 2017  Re:  Law of Cycles, Full Moon


This year the Law of Cycles will come to the forefront. We are presently in a time of “transition” at many levels and frequencies. As I posted before, the end of a cycle came to a close on 9/9/2016. (2+0+1+6= 9)  We have now entered the year 2017 = 10 = 1. The 10 signifies that we are at a higher level, but still in a “one year cycle,” a great new beginning. This change in cycles is now being felt by humanity at different levels. Some do not feel anything unusual, yet others do not feel comfortable with what feels like a foreboding feeling, which can be interpreted in many ways, depending on your awareness and sensitivity. But for those that stay focused to their dreams and desires, 2017 is a time of change and a time of great opportunity in personal advancement, as long as we do not get distracted by the actions of undeveloped mankind & the news.


We are often reminded by the inspirations received that life is a school of our own making and our own participation. We attract our lessons in life, consciously and subconsciously. 2016 saw the passing of many individuals who finished their cycle in life; we may see more that do not want to participate in the new cycle of 2017, as it will not be necessary for their soul’s growth. It is time to let go and respect their wishes at a higher level of consciousness. God is a loving father, and does not punish or harm anyone. The “One Law of the Universe” is LOVE, PEACE, & HARMONY. The fear of punishment in the afterlife is a manmade idea and misinterpreted by undeveloped mankind to manipulate. Where there is Light, darkness ceases to exist!


Sensitives & Waves of Sadness

What is being felt by many sensitives are these waves of sadness, depression, some with anger, culminating in fear with a sense of foreboding? Know that this time of “transition and change” is affecting the entire planet, and it is not only because America is changing leadership. When we read the Chapter on the Four Lower Quadrant, it explains that when humanity expresses anger, hate, guilt, or fear it also affects Mother Nature. Today, America is going through rainstorms, flooding, and snowstorms that are excessive. What many sensitives are feeling is the “Collective Consciousness” of humanity who does not like change and are fearful of the new leadership. Know that these frequencies are not your own, and will soon pass as humanity adjusts. (Read the one page free article on “Depression” at  More......)





Posting December 3, 2016  Re:  Time of Transition, The Shortest Day


We are reminded that America is the Light of the World at a higher level of consciousness that for some, may be difficult to understand. The planet is rising in frequency, the universe is expanding, and many are feeling this change, as we evolve into a new “Light of Understanding.” Life is a school of our own making and our own participation, as we awaken to the Greater Light. Do not be fearful and see this as a new adventure in life and a time of great opportunity. We are in a time of change.


Again, at a higher level of consciousness, both opposing leaders came as teachers awakening what is called, “Fourth Ray Energy” in America, which also affects the rest of the world. Both may not have remembrance of this in the consciousness of the physical persona body, and at times, the “persona” may go astray, deviate, or rebel. In higher esoteric teaching, this is known as “Harmony Through Conflict.” This also awakens the “four lower quadrant” of anger, hate, guilt, and fear, as a learning experience for all of undeveloped mankind. Future events will shed more light on this. (For those who do not understand, please read the Chapter on the “Law of Polarities” and the Chapter of the “Four Lower Quadrant” in A Step Into the Light.)


Choice & the “Power of Choice”

Reflecting back, it is important to understand the difference between choice, and the “Power of Choice.“ With the word choice, you can choose between good & evil. Whereas, with the “Power of Choice, you use the “Light” only. You either use it or not use it. There is no evil or darkness involved. This is what surprised everyone in politics, as a “chosen leader” was elected. More......)





Posting November 20, 2016  Re: Messengers, Elections, Karma/Probable Futures


“Under the circumstances, the Divine Plan has been met, in that all that has taken place is a time of learning, and all participants have enacted their part. At a lower level of consciousness, there will be strife and confusion, as the students of learning, regardless of age will now learn great lessons in life. This is a time of transition, and a new cycle in this “School call Earth” where everyone will now be challenged to learn their preordained lessons in life. Some will be happy and some will not, according to each individual life’s plan. This is a great opportunity to learn what has been given, all by personal experience and self-evaluation.


Know that America is the Light of the World and through its “negative and positive” reactions to what will unveil in days to come, in the end, great lessons will be learned by all participants; and most importantly, those who have learned to be neutral and just be the “OBSERVER” and by being the radiator of Love, Peace, and Harmony; equally so, to one and all. America is in God’s Hands!”

The Messengers of the Light


As always, a reminder to all visitors that this website is specifically for the Children of the Light. However, everyone is welcome and well received.


Through the inspirations received and some personal revelations of which I may share in the future, we will see that many things that have occurred during this time of change are lessons in life with more to come. Not only for Americans, but also for the entire World, of which, many areas are in conflict and turmoil.






Posting October 24, 2016  Re: Power of Choice, New America, Quake Update


“Those who awaken as to what is occurring in their lives will understand the principle of “The Law of Service & The Law of Self.”  The “Power of Choice” enacted in the year 2,000 must not be confused with “free will,” which is limited. The “Power of Choice” radiates as a Light from the Heart Center that will allow a leader to see.  This “Power of Choice” does not have a two-fold action as in free will. The concept of humanity in regards to “free will” basically means that we can be good or evil by making a choice. In this manner, the word “choice” is a loose word with no power, and yes, you can choose to be good or evil.


With the “power of choice” it is singular. You eit her use it or you do not use it, as it radiates from the Heart Center of Love, Peace & Harmony. A person that is centered in the Heart of the Divine can only experience Light for the Greater Good of All. In this place, darkness does not, and cannot exist, and there is no need of free will to the extent that we understand the frequency of “free will” where one can choose between the Dark & the Light. The Heart Center radiates Light where only Light can exist and this is where the “Power of Choice” originates and can only be accessed for the Greater Good Of All.


The “Power of Choice” allows the individual within the mass consciousness to access the Light and to radiate this Light to the Leaders who in word are supposed to be “Leaders in Service” to those they lead. Until one can wash the feet of those they lead in a humble way, how can one be of service? The Master taught this principle.


May the “Power of Choice” awaken within your individual heart during this time of purification as a beacon of Light for all who are lost, to be able to see.”

The Messengers of the Light


The above dictation was given on September 9, 2003. You may have to read it at least three times in order to understand the “Power of Choice” as being a singular frequency radiating from the Heart Center.


The New America

In just a few days America will decide a chosen leader. We are presently in a time of change during this expansion of light. Everyone will now be radiating light similar to a “super nova,” like a shining star within the Law of Service, or on the other hand, pulling in like a “black hole” in space within the Law of Self. In ancient text, this is one aspect of many, referred to as the “separation of the sheep.” Please read and review the Chapter on the “Law of Polarities” which will give you a better understanding of our present two party system in government. A third part is missing, which is Light. The only middle ground is in the “heart center” where light exists. The Children of the Light and all Light Workers must enact and radiate this principle to both candidates, equally so, and in this manner the chosen one will emerge.    More......)





Posting September 25, 2016  Re: Medicine, Transmute the Past, Quakes


Throughout this year I have spoken about not being distracted by all that has been occurring around the planet. For many individuals, it has been a time of losing loved ones that have departed. Many creative individuals will find that their projects or goals may have been sidetracked and not accomplished. Many others have gotten sick, or have been afflicted with reoccurring illnesses. Still others have gone through a time of change in one manner or another.


2016 is the end of a very important cycle, and many aspects of that cycle ended on September 9, 2016. Numerically, it signifies 09-09-09. (2+0+1+6= 9).  2017 signifies a new beginning, starting with the number one. (2+0+1+7= 10 = 1) Understand the reason why certain projects and goals did not get anchored at the end of the cycle. Projects that were started will be part of the new cycle that we have entered; and now with this new beginning, you can take them to a higher level of productivity. (Remember, all the sciences are God Energy)


Understand that the frequency of the planet is expanding, and many “belief systems” of the past will not work in this new frequency. Many of those that have departed chose not to be a part of this new cycle, and their time of learning in this life experience has been accomplished. This must be respected with joy in our hearts, in the same manner that you would wish the best for a student who has finished and graduated high school. Release them to the Light! Time to adapt!


The Three Approaches to Medicine

Those that have gotten sick, or have had a reoccurring illness; it is also a time of change and reflection of how you are treating the body. A STEP INTO LIGHT explains that we have a mental body, and emotional body, and a physical body. Because of this frequency change, you may no longer be able to eat certain foods or drinks. In general, this will be affecting all of humanity, as you will see in the daily news. In the near future, everyone will adapt to the three approaches of medicine, which are:

Natural Medicine, Holistic Medicine, and Scientific Medicine, in that order.

All three are valid within the Law of Threes.

Natural Medicine = Mental Body = Using Common Sense Foods In Nature.

Holistic Medicine = Emotional Body = Positive & Spiritual Energy

Scientific Medicine = Physical Body = Aggressive Synthetic Compounds


The “good news” is that everyone who will seek within the Light may now succeed, while the rest of the humanity who does not want change, or those that want to go back to ancient thinking and violence, will continue to “distract.” They are not part of your world or your existence, unless Karma has you in the middle of this scenario, as a learning experience. Again, do not be distracted!   More......)






Posting September 13, 2016  Re: Sensitivity, Premonitions, Visions, & the Psychic


“As humanity evolves during this day and age, we must be reminded that life is a school of our own making and our own participation. Presently, there are three major belief systems that are In conflict with one another. All are correct, when united, as a Unit of “ONE.” These are the Atheist, the Spiritual, and the Scientific.


Everyone in this “drama of life” is vibrating at different levels and frequencies, as they evolve into the Light. Those known as the Children of the Light, along with the “beacons of light” are now awakening to the gift of understanding the Light as taught by the Master, by radiating “Light” to undeveloped mankind who does not accept these three frequencies. Everyone, to some degree, within the Law of Three, is an Atheist, a Spiritual Person, or a Scientific Person. The first corresponds to the “mental body,” the second to the “emotional body,” and the third to the “physical.” Evolution has brought us to this “time & place.” The Children of the Light are now awakening!”


In my last posting, the inspirations received stated that on September 9, 2016 that a high frequency of consciousness entered a new cycle. It was the 9th month, the 9th day and the 9th year. (2+0+1+6 = 9) For the new visitors to this site, all that exists, which includes all the sciences, systems, and manner of evolved thinking is God Energy. Of course, everyone is welcome. Yes, we have entered a new cycle that for many who understand these principles, life will have a better meaning. Do not be distracted by the present negativity, as you are here to co-create with God! Now is a good time to expand with the Light of the Divine and bring Abundance, Joy, and Prosperity into your life.


The Awakening Children of the Light & the Gifts

In 2011, a large group went through a time of “trials & tribulations” which was very difficult and devastating. This is known as a “breakage of the ring pass not.” This protective light ring of their aura snapped or broke. This then created a time of “crisis” not knowing that a larger perimeter of light was now developing and being created in order to expand to a “larger” ring pass not. Many of these individuals have been guided to this website by dreams, visions, or strange coincidences. A time of awakening!


Since 2011 and the years that have followed, many large groups started to awaken in large numbers. As of this year 2016, those who have the gifts of sensitivity, visions, premonitions, and psychic abilities are also awakening, and for many, it seems like a time of “crisis” as they do not understand what is occurring. If you are one of these individuals that are having the visions, the dreams, the premonitions, etc., of disasters and the deaths of many, yet there isn’t a way that you can warn or help, it can be emotionally disturbing. It can bring you to tears. “Why is this happening to me? I feel so sorry for the victims, and all I can do is cry. Please God, take this away from me.” These are words that many, many years ago echoed in my mind……. Sound familiar?





Posting August 26, 2016  Re: Ring Pass Not, End of Cycle, Mother Nature

Once again, welcome everyone to these postings; however, keep in mind that this website is specifically for the Children of the Light who are awakening to higher levels of consciousness. The Messengers of the Light ask not to believe in the words written or spoken, but rather, except only that which opens up in your individual heart as “Truth.”


From the inspirations received, 2016 is a very special year for all inhabitants on the planet. Everything that exists here and throughout the Cosmos is God Energy. This includes every single molecule, to every single creature, and everything that exists is in essence, our brother & sister. But at a lower level of consciousness, as we view and participate in the outside world, it can seem very dangerous and difficult to accept.


The next level of acceptance is being able to view this life as a school of our own making, and our own participation, but we do not remember that we chose to be here. Those who have awakened to this, see each day as a new adventure in life regardless of what circumstances we find ourselves in. The amazing thing is that when the awakening Child of the Light, regardless of age, learns to use the “Light,” as taught by the Master,,,,,, life does become and adventure! “All the things I do, you can also do, and do them better. Greater works shall thou do!” This does allow freedom in our lives!


The “Ring Pass Not”

The first step in achieving this “freedom & adventure” is to awaken yourself to this “ring” which is the outer perimeter of your aura. All you have to do is to “think it” in place. It is very simple, or you can use the “power of the word” with the affirmation: “I surround myself with my “ring pass not” radiating Love, Peace, and Harmony.” You have now taken your “power” back! Nothing can enter or trespass beyond this ring, as far as “energy, force and substance” is concerned. Remember that only you will allow this intrusion either by negligence or temptation, which will pull you out of your energy field. More......)






"A Step into The Light"

According to the Messengers of the Light, the "second coming" is awakening in the "heart center" to all of humanity that are now in the process of releasing the elements of the "four lower quadrant" of undeveloped mankind. We must daily acknowledge, release, and transmute Anger, Hate, Guilt, and most importantly, Fear, in order to have Love, Peace & Harmony in our hearts. It is time to adapt to the rising frequency of the planet, release and transcend the quadrant, and enjoy life. (I highly encourage everyone to read the book  "A Step Into The Light." If you are a skeptic, or even if you just want a free eBook download, follow the below link and you will get one free. This ebook by the Messengers has a certain energy that each time you read it, you awaken to additional higher truths. There are no strings attached. Download it now and start reading immediately.  PLM) 


"Author's Special Offer"

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